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About Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is at its core simply "holy listening." [Margaret Guenther] It is creating and holding space for you to share your life and journey. It is sharing when an abundant energy or lack of energy captures your attention. It is a journey into the mundane and everyday parts of your life and finding there God, the Holy, the Mystery, Life, or whatever name you give that ultimate source of life, love, and meaning. It is being together in stillness and quiet in order for the "shy soul to emerge", for the "wisdom of the Inner Teacher to emerge." [Parker Palmer]


The director of SDI, Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, describes the role of the spiritual director this way, "The spiritual director looks to engage with seekers in an open and non-judgmental way, steeped in contemplative practice and deep listening, to provide guidance and enable seekers to get closer to God."

Margaret Guenther, in her book Holy Listening, has this to say about what spiritual direction is NOT: "Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy nor is it an inexpensive substitute, although the disciplines are compatible and frequently share raw material. Spiritual direction is not pastoral counseling, nor is it to be confused with the mutuality of deep friendships, for it is unashamedly hierarchical. Not because the director is somehow “better” or “holier” than the directee, but because, in this covenanted relationship, the director has agreed to put himself aside so that his total attention can be focused on the person sitting in the other chair. What a gift to bring to another, the gift of disinterested, loving attention!"

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